Lukas Fahle

PhD Student in Mining Engineering
Lukas FahleDissertation title

Mitigation of Mine Roof Failure Through Integration of Novel Mapping and Monitoring Techniques (funded by CDC NIOSH)

K-12 outreach topics

Mine Risks, Safety and Emergency Response, Geology 101, Living, studying and working internationally (bilingual English/German)

I was born in the rural heartland of Germany and was a visiting High School student in Australia, which was most likely the pivotal point kick-starting my interest in the international mining industry. After returning to Germany, I started pursuing my Master’s degree in Geoengineering and Mining at the Freiberg University of Mining and Technology and quickly developed a passion for the natural resource sector’s complex and diverse challenges. Always believing in holistic education, I worked in geological consulting and academia in the Sultanate of Oman, in shaft rehabilitation as part of Red Path’s European division, studied at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, supported US and international projects of Newmont’s Denver-based Mining Engineering Department and developed my Master’s thesis project in cooperation with Rio Tinto. As part of our diverse research team and a NIOSH capacity building grant, I am determined to improve safety in coal and hard rock mines by incorporating geological and geotechnical mapping into an advanced roof fall monitoring and prediction system, while building lasting and prolific academic-government-industry relationships. While enjoying the cooperative and hands-on nature of our work, I also try to embrace an active lifestyle with everything in between, including yoga ,basketball, traveling or simply the company of the many incredible people that I keep encountering.