Carlos Contreras

MS Student in Mining Engineering
Carlos ContrerasDissertation title

Effect of the internal rock structure on fracturing propagation: Development of a deterministic 3D numerical model of stress-induced fractures in a granitoid rock (funded by CDC NIOSH)

K-12 outreach topics

Mining, rocks, stress and strain in physics, breaking rocks for engineering testing, computer models (bilingual English/Spanish)

I graduated from the National University of Engineering in Lima, Peru, in 2003 with a BS in Geological Engineering. After completion of my degree, I joined the mining industry where I worked in different positions related to the fields of geotechnical and geological engineering, participating in several projects involved in the planning, and operation of open pit and underground mines. In 2017, I started my master’s studies in the Mining Engineering Department of CSM. My research focuses on the interpretation of the effect of the grain structure of a rock on fracture propagation. In this study I will examine the fracturing processes within a granitoid core specimen by comparing a 3D grain-based numerical model of the specimen to the actual cracking behavior of the rock. This study aims to give more insight into stress-induced rock fracturing, which is a key aspect for improving, for example, rock fragmentation and the stability of excavations, topics associated with major costs in mining operations. I enjoy listening to diverse types of music and running along the trails of Golden in my spare time.