Dr. Elizabeth Holley

Primary Investigator
Elizabeth Holley


K-12 outreach topics

Earth science, mineral deposits, sustainability, environmental (geo)chemistry, post-secondary education, women in STEM

I am an exploration and mining geologist and an Associate Professor in the Mining Engineering department at Colorado School of Mines. I hold a BA in Geology from Pomona College, an MS in Geochemistry from Otago University in New Zealand, and a PhD in Geology from Colorado School of Mines. My expertise resides at the intersection of mining and geology. I study the processes responsible for ore deposit genesis (economic geology) and the geologic characteristics that determine how ore bodies are developed, mined, and remediated (mining geology). My interdisciplinary work integrates technical aspects of mineral exploration and mining engineering into stakeholder engagement, community-centered design, and sustainable development. I am a fellow of the Payne Institute for Public Policy [link to https://payneinstitute.mines.edu/]. Prior to coming to Colorado School of Mines, I worked on mineral exploration projects all over the world, including the discovery of the White Gold deposit, Yukon. I am passionate about sustainability, diversity, and education. I am a fellow of the Society of Economic Geologists, and as the SEG Education and Training Program coordinator I have organized more than 175 short courses and field trips for students and professionals. When I’m not teaching or working with graduate students on research projects, you can find me in the mountains skiing, climbing, and exploring the world with my husband, son, and daughter.


216 Brown Building

Phone: 303-273-3409